Program to view and print directories tree.


Following request of Serge Miguel and rlechene, we can display all files, a file selection, their size, date, sort them, change font, print only selection, ...

Following a suggest from Christian Zurbach addition of an adapted True Type font enabling to get the same result on screen and when printing. Adpated font must be in the same folder as WindowsTree 'exe' file. Font is loaded and unloaded by WindowTree, so let printing finish before closing otherwise printer no more have the font.

One can also build its own True Type font if it follow these simple rules:

  • font and font file must have the same name
  • font file must be in WindowsTree directory
  • font must be a True Type one (.ttf extension)

Such font can be specified as a parameter (i.e on the command line or in the short cut write 'WindowsTree Myfont' with MyFont your font).

Following a request made by Cédric Joubert, we can now select color and weight of font used for the different parts (tree, directory, file, date, size).

Be carefull, that syntax highlight take time. In configuration setup, you can disable that fonction to be quicker.

Following Gabriel FERRIERAS proposal (he send me his code improvement):

  • interface improvement
  • directory name between '<' and '>' in order to improve readability
  • scanned disk information
  • cumulative directory size
  • availability to add empty lines in the tree
  • availability to add comments in the tree

Others improvements:

  • new look without additing too much weight to the software
  • print preview
  • hint
  • short cut to add tree characters (vertical line, horizontal line, ...)

For the programming part, scanner and tree are now two individual component.

Following F.Devil request, made available a maximum depth search specification. A maximum depth of 1 means start directory. A maximum depth of 0 will enable search on full tree. A maximum depth of 2 will enable search on start directory and its first childs.

Following N.F Mirkov bug report, correction in size computation in order to manage properly size over 2Gb for files and folders.

Following a user request, addition of drag and drop of a folder or a shortcut to a folder onto WindowsTree interface in order to get its directory tree.

Multi-linguale interface.

Following the request of a friend, date and size are, as much as possible, aligned in each folder. This improve readability.

Following a user request, when WindowsTree is launched, it add a new entry in the Windows explorer, 'Send to ...' right click menu. In case of right click on a folder or a file, if you select 'Send to ...' 'WindowsTree', WindowsTree will display the tree of the corresponding directory.

Following a user request, addition of display/hide empty folder option. When using filter, you can uncheck the display empty folder option to get a tree with only usefull things.

Following a user request, addition of file check sum computation.

Following a user request, addition of maximum displayed depth.

Following a user request, addition of manual root folder specification to allow use of UNC path. Unfortunately, that user did not reply to my request to know if the change was OK.

Thanks to Serge, correct a trouble when loading font which can lead to a lock: WindowsTree is started but not displayed. Thanks a lot for his explanations and test under Windows 10.


For programmers

  • Delphi 6


WindowsTree screenshot


That software is free in the respect of 'GNU General Public License' (version 2) from Free Software Foundation. It is supplied as it is and without any warranty.


For users

For programmers


Date Version Changes Status
24 December 2000 0.0.1 First release. Under developpement.
31 March 2001 0.0.3 Many improvement Under developpement
9 April 2001 0.0.4 Current directory display during process,alpha filename sorting Under developpement
25 April 2001 0.0.5 Selection or page range printing, font selection, Rich Text File (rtf) format saving Under developpement
6 May 2001 1.0.0 File finding enging rewrite, file selection mask, sort selection, About box In use
11 May 2001 1.0.1 Cancel process button In use
20 May 2001 1.0.2 Save under text file. Change: if file is not selected, we didn't display size and date even they are checked. In use
7 November 2001 1.0.3 Maximum file size limited to 2Gb. The 64Kb limite on some Windows version has benn bypassed. In use
10 November 2001 1.0.4 Minimum file size specification. In use
14 November 2001 1.0.5 <= or >= file size control In use
20 March 2003 1.0.6 True Type font to get the same result on screen and when printing In use
01 June 2003 1.0.7 Syntax highlighting for the differents parts. In use
04 August 2005 1.3.0 Interface redesigned, addition of disk informations, minimum and maximum size filter, computed directory size, possibility to comment in the obtained tree, print preview, scanner and tree as separate component In use.
20 August 2005 1.3.1 Improvement and bug correction tanks to Gabriel FERRIERAS comments In use
17 May 2006 1.3.2 Bug correction: filtering by file size was not working. In use
4 August 2007 1.4.0 Addition of a maximum depth search specification. In use
5 August 2007 1.4.1 Bug correction: if we did not diplay files, lines spacer between directories where not taken into account. In use
11 October 2008 1.5.0 Bug correction: file and folder size was not computed properly if they were higher than 2Gb. Addition: Use of Windows defined thousand separator when displaying sizes. In use
11 November 2008 1.6.0 Multi lingual interface, immediately erase tree when starting a new scan, prompt for replacement confirmation if needed when saving into rtf or txt. In use
23 January 2009 1.6.1 Bug correction, in case of refresh, file numbering was wrong in root folder files. N.F Mirkov bug report. In use
11 February 2009 1.7.0 Addition of drag & drop of folder or shortcut to folder in ordre to get their directory tree. In use
30 August 2009 1.8.0 Addition of a contextual menu entry in Windows Explorer 'Send to ...' menu, date and size are aligned in each folder, empty folder can be displayed or hidden. In use
5 May 2010 1.9.0 Addition of file check sum computation (md5, sha1, sha256, sha512). Bug correction in folder size computation when using a maximum search depth. Improvement in mask filtering which was not working in case of multiple dot in the filename. Correction in the folder sorting by date. Nota, folder sorting by size did not work as their size is not known while doing search. A full engine rewrite is needed to enable such function but it is not planned. In use
29 December 2010 1.10.0 Addition of maximum displayed depth in order to be able to browse the full depth and get the real folder size but display only few level in the tree. In use
???? 1.11.0 Addition of a default extension for all save dialogs. Extension is added automatically if it is missing or if it is not the right one. Correction: if font addition fail, switch back to Terminal one. In use
08 November 2015 1.12.0 Management of path with more than 260 characters. In use
16 October 2016 1.13.1 Manual root folder specification to allow UNC path input such as \\server\c$\ProgramData\. Change in font loading to prevent lock in some configuration (WindowsTree was started but not displayed) In use