Network information


In my job, in order to configure some networked equipment, I need to get some informations regarding the network to which I will be connected. The easiest is to ask the network administrator, when ther is one. In other cases, back to trial and fail !

I also have to guide users without any computer knowledge. In such cases, ipconfig, ifconfig and other command line tools are not really appreciate. It can be worse when the computer on which we try to find its configuration is in a foreign language I don't know.

In order toe ease my life, I write a Tcl/Tk script which find and display these informations.

I try it under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Debian. It should also work on Windows NT, Windows Vista, some other Linux distro.


Il suffit de lancer l'application, ensuite elle fournit, entre autre, pour chaque interface réseau :

  • ip address,
  • subnet mask,
  • gateway,
  • dns,
  • network domain name,
  • Microsoft domain name.



That software is free in the respect of 'GNU General Public License' (version 2) from Free Software Foundation. It is supplied as it is and without any warranty.


For users

For programmers


Date Version Changes Status
28 October 2007 0.1.0 First public release. Can be use
22 January 2009 1.1 Differenciation between Microsoft domain and workgroups. Improvement in result accuracy in some specific cases Can be use
25 January 2009 1.3 Display of operation system support level, support of Windows 98, small change in graphical user interface, addition of a save as option to save collected datas in a text file. Can be used
27 May 2009 1.4 Addition of untested Darwin support and prepare for IPV6. Can be used
16 May 2016 1.5 Correction for Windows Seven. Can be used