Conference count down


During 2008, I follow numbers of conference. This let me see a continuous trouble: while presenting, speaker loose time reference and thus, did not succeed to manage its allocated time, except for professionnals.

In the same way, listener which wants to follow different conferencies need a time indicator to manage his move from one place to the other (remember these 45 minutes conferency with additionnal 15 minutes to allow move between conference and speaker installation while he has consider he has a 60 minutes speach !)

That give me the idea to have something none intrusive which display remaining time and can be visible by all. Speaker can adjust his slide switching speed, listener can manage his time in case of time shift.

It is a progress bar which work reversed. It decrease and change of color depending in which area we are: green for first part, orange for second one and red for last one. For example, on a 45 minutes conference, we can adjust duration to 45 minutes, warning area at 15 minutes to let the speaker adapt his timing and critical area to 5 minutes for queries and answers.

I test it under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Debian. It should run also on Windows NT, Windows Vista, others Linux.


Just run it and make proper configuration in displayed dialog. It will automatically came up if no configuration has been saved. Afterwards, it can be called by a right click or Alt+c

After that:

  • a drag and drop of the progress bar enable to place it where you want on the screen
  • a left click will start count down or reinitialize it
  • a right click on the progress bar will diplay menu
  • a middle click or shift + left click on the progress bar will exit application


confdown screenshot


That software is free in the respect of 'GNU General Public License' (version 3) from Free Software Foundation. It is supplied as it is and without any warranty.


For users

For programmers


Date Version Changes Status
02 December 2008 0.5.0 First public release. Can be use
07 December 2008 0.6.0 Addition of configuration save in a file. Can be use
07 December 2008 0.7.0 Multi lingual interface (français, english). Can be use
14 December 2008 0.8.0 Universal source code for use with shell, tclkit, starkit, starpack, etcl, etcl kit, etcl pack. Can be use
26 December 2008 1.0.0 First stable release. Automatic configuration dialog display if there is no saved configuration. Count down and configuration dialog are always fully in the screen. In use
27 December 2008 1.1.0 Improvement in user interface. Bug correction, it was possible to get invisible count down. Addition of full management through keyboard. In use