Who I am?

My name is Alain. I was born in 1964. Hopefully, I am not married. I have learn programming by myself. I have use BASIC, PASCAL, Delphi, PHP and presently Tcl/Tk.

How did I reach that point:

Start programming BASIC on ORIC1 (64Ko memory, optional external floppy drive and television instead of screen)
Discover PC computer during discussion with friends.
first PC. 8086 at 8MHz, 5"1/4 floppy drive, monochrome screen, Citizen 120D printer.
Programming with GWBASIC of MSDOS 3.1.
Switch to QUICK BASIC COMPILER version 2 from Microsoft. In the time, slowly upgrading up to version 4.5.
80286, 12MHz, 512Ko memory, 40Mo hard drive, VGA.
addition of memory, mathematique co-processeur and 3"1/2 floppy drive.
My brother (6 year younger) has so bored me withTURBO PASCAL from Borland he learn at school, I buy the 5.5 version and learn that language. (He really appreciate this part of the text ... ;-)) I like it so much that I update up to version 7.
80386SX 16MHz laptop, 20Mo hard drive. I upgrade it with a 340Mo hard drive some years later. Finally RIP in 2005.
80486DX 40MHz
Stylus 800+ Epson printer.
Upgrade with CDROM and sound card.
Logitech PageScan Color scanner, 14400 bauds internal modem.
Pentium 166, 2Go hard drive, sound card, 12X CDROM, 4Mo video card, 33600 bauds internal modem, 17" display
Change to DELPHI 2 from Borland.
Iomega 100Mo parallel Zip drive.
Upgrade DELPHI 3 from Borland.
First step on Internet.
Upgrade DELPHI 4 from Borland.
Upgrade DELPHI 5 from Borland/Inprise.
Upgrade DELPHI 6 from Borland/Inprise.
Laptop NEC LS320, Pentium III 866, 20Gb hard drive, 256Mb, DVD, CD-RW Iomega USB, Ethernet, 15 inch LCD. Multi-boot Configured for DOS, Windows 95, Windows 2000, Linux (Debian Woody)
Remplacement of Stylus 800+ printer which became dead by Brother DCP7025 multifunctions lazer printer.
IBM X30 laptop, Pentium III M, 1.2 Ghz, 40Gb hard disk, 512Mb, DVD, ethernet and wifi (801.11b) network, 12.1 inch LCD. Directly installed with Debian etch then testing.
HP eVectra, Pentium III, 800 Mhz, 8.4Gb hard disk, 256Mb, CDROM, ethernet network, Windows 2000. It is the one which let me maintain my old programs and check compatibility when I develop software under Linux.

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